VCam 2.0 Beta 2 is here! 2x Improved AI / Hardware Driver Installation / Image and Video Background Configuration

Our Latest Improvements:

  • SUPPORT FOR WEBEX AND WINDOWS STORE APPLICATIONS with new optional hardware driver (check option to install hardware driver if you have problems with VCam not showing up in your conference or camera software)

  • 2X IMPROVED BACKGROUND REMOVAL AI :wink: with option to apply adaptive filter for even better segmentation of hands, hair and objects

  • IMAGE AND VIDEO BACKGROUND CONFIGURATION - brightness, contrast, zoom, pan, tilt, and keep aspect ratio.

  • A BUNCH OF FIXES Remember login credentials and settings after restart, UI scaling on monitors with different DPI, option to copy login URL if opening system browser fails, and a lot more


  • If you want to install VCam 2.0 hardware driver, we recommend uninstalling 1.2 version first before installing the hardware driver. Uninstalling 1.2 will unregister the virtual camera for 1.2 version and ensure that 1.2’s virtual camera won’t be enumerated as an available camera in applications.
  • Using the hardware driver in BlueJeans may initially show VCam feed as upside down. To resolve the issue, log in to your BlueJeans app, then restart BlueJeans.

Download latest VCam 2.0 (2.0.2007.0203) Beta here :

Release Notes :

For ideas and suggestions, please use .

This version is broken; doesn’t work, with both options of either checking the hardware driver or without it. without the hardware driver, it doesn’t show the webcam view, and with driver it gives an error…! Tested it twice on two systems: a desktop and a newer laptop…it doesn’t work even once on both, with all the four options…!

Hi @vivekg4u,
Please send us a screenshot of the error you get when installing the hardware driver. Also please check in %temp% folder if you have this file xvc_installer.log and send it too.

By webcam view, do you mean the webcam feed in VCam app shows nothing, or the VCam virtual camera shows nothing when used in an app?

Shall be sending it… shall i end the log file for both with driver and without driver options?
Yes, webcam feed in Vcam app shows nothing, only a checkered background. am also pre[aring a screen recording of the process and shall be sharing its link as well…

shall i end the log file for both with driver and without driver options?

@vivekg4u please send us both installer logs, thank you! :slight_smile:

For the checkered background issue, would help a lot if you can collect debuglog too. You can follow the Gamecaster steps here :

I installed with the driverXsplit-vcam-error-2of2 Xsplit-vcam-error-1of2


@vivekg4u Thank you for the screenshots! :slight_smile:

We found the issue causing the “Failed to load” error during installation. But this scenario should allow you to continue the installation and run VCam. We will have an update early next week with the fix. We’re still investigating on the checkered background issue. We made some changes on how we handled the backgrounds in 2.0, so we’re suspecting the preview was affected.

Am getting this screen…
Am uninstalling this beta and re installing the previous (working) beta…

Hi all! :slight_smile:

We’ve just released an updated 2.0 version - VCam Public Test Release (PTR) with additional fixes and improvements to the main features.

@vivekg4u The “failed to load” dialog (during installation) and the checkered background issue should be fixed in the latest 2.0 PTR.

You can download the installer here

For discussion on VCam PTR, please go to