VCam 2.0 Beta is here! 2x Improved AI / Hardware Driver Installation / Image and Video Background Configuration ( version 2.0.2006.1902 )

Our Latest Improvements:

  • SUPPORT FOR WEBEX AND WINDOWS STORE APPLICATIONS with new optional hardware driver (check option to install hardware driver if you have problems with VCam not showing up in your conference or camera software)

  • 2X IMPROVED BACKGROUND REMOVAL AI :wink: with option to apply adaptive filter for even better segmentation of hands, hair and objects

  • IMAGE AND VIDEO BACKGROUND CONFIGURATION - brightness, contrast, zoom, pan, tilt, and keep aspect ratio.

  • A BUNCH OF FIXES Remember login credentials and settings after restart, UI scaling on monitors with different DPI, option to copy login URL if opening system browser fails, and a lot more


  • If you want to install VCam 2.0 hardware driver, we recommend uninstalling 1.2 version first before installing the hardware driver. Uninstalling 1.2 will unregister the virtual camera for 1.2 version and ensure that 1.2’s virtual camera won’t be enumerated as an available camera in applications.
  • Using the hardware driver in BlueJeans may initially show VCam feed as upside down. To resolve the issue, log in to your BlueJeans app, then restart BlueJeans.

Download VCam 2.0.2006.1902 Beta here :

Release Notes :

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This is simply amazing :wink:

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Funny this… I came to the forum to complain about flickering and cpu usage only to find this beta. Both the flickering and the cpu usage have been greatly improved with this version.

Well done.

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I can confirm that this totally works in WebEx now! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Does the XSplit Broadcaster also get that new driver? If so - I’m ready to spring for a lifetime license.

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Encountered when changing the background


same here with the same error-message. Have to uninstall VCam 2.0 beta and reinstall it, because Vcam does not work anymore after this message.

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Does not work together with BlueJeans The Cam is not displayed in the Device List. Does work in the browser as before. Then the mentioned Error Message appeared.

@DJVKY @news1 @mantel

Are you running VCam in local Windows user? Let me know if there’s specific steps using VCam where you can replicate the issue.

If this happens again please open this link in your browser and share what you see in the webpage.

When you’ve installed VCam without the hardware driver, using VCam for the first time in BlueJeans may not show in BlueJeans camera sources. But logging in to BlueJeans then restarting BlueJeans should show VCam in camera list.

When you’ve installed VCam with the hardware driver, VCam feed may appear upside down when used in BlueJeans the first time. If this happens, try to log in to BlueJeans and then restart BlueJeans.

I have installed the hardware driver yesterday. I have seen the upside down yesterday. I have restarted the Notebook yesterday evening. Therefore, I have restarted BlueJeans & HW Driver and VCam.

Don’t see the error message anymore. Yesterday I still had the message. Today (after reboot) everything works without error message (but still upside down).
Thanks for all your effort to make it work!

Looks like we figured out the error msg hopefully, so will get that fixed shortly. But the upside down we need to have an extra look at.

It would seem that bluejeans has something very stange going on.

If you install a fresh installation then it render the rgb wrong, then when you actually create a new account and login to a newly created account then it starts to render it correctly. In case you have the spare moment to see if you can reproduce that if would be great. Its likely that you would just need to create a new trial users and login with that new account and then all of a sudden the RGB is rendered correctly - if you don’t mind then it would be great if you can give that a try and confirm. But in any case we will look into it and hopefully figure something out.

For me, the beta is doing a worse job, not a better job, of removing the background while I am moving. I get black blobs dancing around me. I unchecked remove chair. I also tried with and without the adaptive filter and 30fps settings. The adaptive filter makes the problem worse. The new engine may work better for sitting still, but it’s worse for moving around. Also when I leave the room, black blobs remain - which did not happen previously.

I have a fast CPU with a P4000 Quadro card, so I did not have issues related to hardware previously.

Observed strange behavior today.

  • Started BlueJeans
  • Started normal Cam (Logitech C920)
  • Everything worked well (even when stitched off and on again - no change)
  • Switched off
  • Configured VCam
  • Next action crashed BlueJeans (Action 1: Unmute Video or Action 2: Changed back to normal Cam (Logitech C920)

Sometimes it was still upside down and sometimes the picture was displayed in the correct way

BlueJeans - VCam: 2.0.2006.1902



We are getting ready with VCam 2.0 Beta 2 , a link to the new post with Beta 2 will be posted here shortly, but you guys should also get an in app notification soon. A few heads up :slight_smile:

  1. Bluejeans is still an issues from time to time, not idea what is going on there we are trying to reach out to Bluejeans to get them to help identify the issue.

  2. Issue related to the “Well that’s embarrassing” screen showing up when changing backgrounds should finally be fixed

  3. In VCam 2.0 beta 2 we have moved a few things around, so when updating you may be asked to do a new calibration - sorry about that, could not avoid it :wink:

  4. @lunatic going to send you a PM so we can look more into the issues you have.

Hi all! Please follow this link for the new version - VCam Beta 2 (2.0.2007.0203): VCam 2.0 Beta 2 is here! 2x Improved AI / Hardware Driver Installation / Image and Video Background Configuration