Vcam 2.3 GPU selection does not work, does in 2.2

Hi fellow Vcam enthusiasts :slight_smile:

I have been using Vcam happily since a while now but the last update introduced a small issue for me. I have a dual GPU setup in my PC : a GTX 1660 Super and a repurposed Quadro P1000. While the P1000 can’t do much for gaming, it is surprizingly good for things like Nvidia’s RTX voice or (you guessed it) Vcam :slight_smile:

However, since the last update, it looks like GPU selection has no effect, and the load (from what I can see in tasks manager) always go to my main GPU. I had some notifications about “Vcam unable to access the hardware” and it’s most likely the culprit but I have no idea how to find out what exactly is the issue. Tried admin mode and the usual suspects to no avail.

GPU selection works as expected in 2.2.

Is there anything I can do to help provide troubleshooting data ?

Cheers !

Hi! The hardware error normally indicates a problem with the drivers. It would be good to check first if your GTX 1660 Super and Quadro P1000 are up-to-date.

Just to be sure, please send a screenshot of the error message that pops up.

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Thanks for your reply @Batolomew !

Yep, drivers are up to date. As for the screenshot I forgot to take one. It was a notification from Windows that said something along “Vcam was not able to access the video hardware”. Sorry for the lack of screenshot.

I was able to downgrade to 2.2 and averything is working fine. I’ll just wait until the next update and skip 2.3 for now.

Cheers !

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