VCam 3.0.2201.0302 crash on Startup

Dear VCam community,

my VCam just updated to 3.0.2201.0302 and now it crashes shortly after start - as it seems while trying to connect to the webcam (Logitech C920). Webcam and graphics drivers are current, OS is latest W10 x64 (19044.1415 / 21H2). The previous version of VCam was running just fine…

I already uninstalled, deleted folder in C:\ProgramData, reinstalled. To no avail. Any ideas?

EDIT: Just reverted to 2.3.2110.1404 - no problems at all.

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I’m having the exact same problem here - Logitech StreamCam in my case, Win10 x64 (19043.1415 / 21H1 )

Same here, crashing as soon as it opened but before the webcam image showed. Reverting now.

i just got this my self, i didn’t update to the newest version how ever unless it did it on it’s own. i did get a notification the other day about there being an update but never installed it and this still happened. unsure what caused it.

(potential fix below, first… this will cause issues if your using other xsplit software, i only have vcam installed so be careful of what you delete.)

Added Note: things done before doing this, updated my 1070 GPU driver’s using the clean install option(nvidia driver version 511.23), updated windows, restarted and then started having these issues. current version of vcam i’m using is 3.0.2201.0302. working for my end after doing below instructions.

BUT i did get it working by uninstalling it then going into the “programs files” folder where it’s installed too and deleted the entire xsplit folder, then went into the appdata folder which you get there by typing in the windows search %appdata% once in there i went into the local folder and searched for vcam and these 2 files came up



i deleted them and then went into the Roaming folder and deleted the xsplit folder and then ran CCleaner with a normal cleaning then registry cleaning then installed the new version i downloaded from the site, it’s now working fine. (note: may not need CCleaner, it’s a step i did, just included it, may not be needed.)

hope this helps those who can use this to fix it crashing on startup or trying to load the C920 webcam.

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Thanks for your reply. Tried as you suggested, but unfortunately it did not work for me. Reverting again to 2.3.2110.1404 until XSplit gets their act together.

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ok, sorry it didn’t work for ya.

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Also crashing for me on application launch on Windows 10. The only change on my system between last time I used VCam and today is that I installed the latest NVidia drivers (511.23) which I guess could be causing an issue?

Hm. This is how I see it: If 3.0.2201.0302 crashes on the very same machine that 2.3.2110.1404 and all previous versions ran flawlessly on, I see a strong indication that 3.0.2201.0302 is the issue, not drivers and such, as they haven’t changed.

In the meantime I also tried disabling my antivirus software (Kaspersky), just to be sure, to no avail. Do XSplit service staff members engage with customers in this forum?

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I’m having the same issue. It also began as soon as I installed the new Nvidia drivers and the latest windows 10 feature update yesterday. The odd thing is I was able to get 3.0.2201.0302 working if I choose to “run as an administrator”. I think it has something to do with it writing a temp file or some kind of log, and not having the rights to do so. Here’s hoping an updated version is posted soon!

yeah for me the only thing updated since i last used vcam was a nvidia update for my 1070 and the recent windows update. otherwise nothing was changed since, unless… like i said, it auto-updated on me. but what i put so far has worked for my end. even streamed yesterday with it and no issues.

yeah that was the first thing i tried, actually uninstalled vcam like 3 times and even installed it as admin and had no luck. with my experiences with streaming i tend to run literally everything as admin so i don’t get issues… but started digging around the files after i saw this post and got it working for my end.
usually with these kinds of issues, it’s usually left over files or registries that need to be deleted. why i usually run the registry cleaner in CCleaner after i uninstall anything, or after i install anything, then restart and then run the cleaner.

only thing i’ve found was this…

other wise you might have to go to support and try that little assistance or get ahold of someone. i’m not sure if they do engage on here, this is the first time i’m posting in this. could help to dig through and find other recent posts related to this and since it’s not even a week old of an issues, shouldn’t be too hard to find.

edit: nvm, went and looked, this is literally the only post on here about it from the looks of it lol.

Edit 2:
got ahold of them and they do know about it and working on it now, here is the replies.
" Hello! Thank you for reaching out to us and for making us aware of the issue you experienced. We’re glad that your workaround fixed the issue on your end.

Our devs are currently aware of the installation issue with v3.0, and it’s already being investigated, however, we’ve no info as to what correlates with the problem yet."

been on the chat with david, so thank you david for your time if you see this.

i did link them this post so make sure to all to be detailed if you can

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So I tried rolling back to the 2.0 version and that also doesn’t work :frowning: Both versions work fine on an admin account, but does not work on a standard account, unless “run as administrator” is selected. What’s interesting is that It looks like the logs in the standard account are being written to a vcam folder in the one drive documents folder, but when run as an admin, they go to a vcam folder in the regular documents folder. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Also, I’m wondering if we’re having different issues as 2.0 does not work for me :confused:

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Just installed the latest nVidia driver - and now 2.3.2110.1404 also does not start anymore, only with elevated rights. Good times!

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ok, i am still in the chat with david and just told him that. but they are keeping an eye on this forums and i gave a bunch of info and such so yes, info like this definitely make sure to be detailed and specific so they can get it fixed and such.

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BTW, 3.0.2201.0302 does run neither in admin nor in normal mode. Crashes either way.

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hey, since you updated… wonder if what i posted before will work now… cause i updated windows and my nvidia drivers then did all that as i was getting ready to stream, tend to check for updates, restart and then check everything and get it running before i even start lol.

if it does work, let me know so i can edit my original fix to specify that for anyone else who may be getting it. definitely seems to be something between vcam and nvidia driver’s for some reason, would make sense since it does use both CPU and GPU to work by default.

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Just followed your instructions again to a T: 2.3 still only starts with admin rights.
I did not try 3.0 again, as I don’t see the point.

Need to find another software solution for the time being. Thanks for your commitment! :slight_smile:

the only one that i know of that works as good if not better is the nvidia one but only works if you have a 2060 or newer GPU.

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I was actually forced to use a google background blur… this is hurting. Is a fix and/or line on something I can do to fix things?