VCam and Broadcaster

I can’t seem to get signal to XSplit Broadcaster.

Open up Broadcaster and select “SXplit VCam” from the Sources and a screen comes up with the VCam logo but no video.

Open up VCam by itself and I DO get signal from the camera. But when I launch XSplit Broadcaster I get “Camera is not available. Currently in use by another process: LCore.exe”

This might mean that another app is also using VCam and/or your webcam – make sure that you’re not running anything else that may be conflicting with XSplit Broadcaster’s use of VCam, and XSplit VCam’s access of the camera.

well no shi*t sherlock, now would someone give a real answer?

May I ask what is the webcam selected on VCam? And, could you provide what you see on the VCam and on XSplit Broadcaster? Also, what Windows OS are you currently using?