Vcam/Broadcaster lag


I can see visible lag on vcam & broadcaster when using vcam as a camera source while playing certain games, for example The Old Republic (this is without going live). This lag happens even if I keep original background/remove background

My gpu is RTX3090 and my cpu is AMD 5950x

Any advice/tips would be much appreciated. I have messed around with the settings but they don’t seem to have done much.


After some more troubleshooting I found the problem.

My AV Software Bullguard has a game booster setting which ‘protects the game from FPS dips caused by other programs’
With this setting deactivated the problem no longer persisted.

I can only assume that Bullguard was limiting the resources to VCAM in order to sustain the game.

Sorry to bother you.

Thanks for the info! We’ll take note of this in case we encounter others who are also running Bullguard.

Not had a problem since turning it off, so anyone that has game booster feature - turn off

Glad I good help