VCam cannot find camera on OM-D Webcam Beta Software

Hi Guys,

Olympus just released a beta version of software which they call OM-D Webcam which allows their cameras (selected models only) to be used as webcam and it cannot be detected with my XSplit Vcam 1.2. I don’t assume that it will work right away as this is a newly released beta software.
I am also considering of trying the Vcam 2.0 beta but just want to ask first if someone else has tried it. And also maybe the developers or support can confirm that it wont work for now but will be considered in the future.

Hi! We don’t really have that much info on tests with that webcam. We’ll need to confirm with our devs first to see if that’s something that’s being worked on.

I tried the v2.0 beta and still it wont recognise the camera as a webcam source.
I guess this issue is the same as what I have previously seen here about the canon camera not getting detected. Im not sure what happened to that.

So it’s currently in the process of being worked on. Right now, VCam primarily supports hardware cameras only. This is because they follow specs that we can ensure work correctly in VCam. When it comes to virtual cameras like the Canon EOS software, Olympus’ OM-D software etc then it’s not as cut and dry and this can cause complications in the AI background removal. This means we have to make some work arounds and test fairly heavily with these pieces of software. HOWEVER, we know that the solution to use your DSLR as a webcam is a large market and heavily improves webcam quality and as such we are working on ways that we can allow them.

I totally understand. I hope the functionality can be added soon.

We’ve just rolled out a new version of XSplit VCam (2.0.2010.2701) that allows you to use virtual cameras in VCam. You can download the new version in and you have to enable the option in Settings -> Application -> Show virtual cameras.

We don’t have an Olympus camera :smiley:. Hope you can test this and let us know if it works :slight_smile:

This is good news for me. I will test this and give feedback.

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I have tested it for 3 days now. it is working with the Olympus Webcam Beta.
Thank you guys for enabling this feature.

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It is working for me too. Thanks so much!

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