Vcam Crashes/Reboots the Computer

I am having issues trying to use Vcam on my computer.

The first and biggest issue is that while Vcam is in use my computer sometimes spontaneously crashes and reboots. That never happens other than when Vcam is in use.

Another annoying, but lesser issue, is that sometimes the Vcam control app will not open on my machine. If I go to task manager, there is an existing vcam running. If I kill the running vcam and then start vcam again the control app opens.

Any ideas? AMD R2700x, Nvidia 1030gt, and Logitech C615 if it matters.

I tried out the demo of Vcam and was real impressed with its background removal so I purchased it, only to find that I can’t use it because I can’t have my computer reboot during a meeting.

Hi! Does it show any error message when it crashes, or does the computer simply restart on its own?

We’ll check your detailed specs for any drivers that might need to be updated. Please send your MSINFO32 file if that’s alright:

I haven’t seen an error message. It just seems to spontaneously reboot.

I generated the file. Where should I send it to? Thanks much!

You can send that to the Support team via live chat:

Still having this problem. Computer just restarted again without warning. Event viewer shows:

WTSQueryUserToken failed w/err 0x000003f0

Were you able to get in touch with the Support chat to send that log? If you were, which email address did you use to login when you contacted them?

Yes same … computer crashing