Vcam does not see Canon DSLR

I have been using Vcam with my Logitech C920 OK - does a decent job of background replacement without a green screen, but it is limited by the power of the webcam. I’ve now connected my Canon DSLR to my PC using their drivers, but it does not show as a source in Vcam.

I understand there should be a dropdown menu to select the source. I’ve tried refreshing as per the support page - it doesn’t appear. I also tried an uninstall and reinstall of Vcam, in case it needed to be installed after the source, but that didn’t fix it.

I can see the Canon source in Teams and OBS fine - it’s just Vcam which doesn’t show it.

Any suggestions?

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Hi! XSplit VCam currently only works with webcams and not DSLR cameras, even with a capture card.

VCam will only work with devices that are detected as webcams. Elgato make a device called Elgato Cam Link that allows HDMI devices to be detected as a webcam.

Hmmm - that’s a bit disappointing. Looks like I may have bought into this software a bit too hastily. Also having issues with resolution in Teams (see newer post).

Late reply, but I think what the OP wants addressed is being looking into. See this thread to see if it is the same issue: Canon SL2 not showing up as camera option