Vcam does not work with Broadcaster?

I am using licensed xsplit vcam and broadcaster.

1st i open vcam, choose background removal and then i minimize the vcam window.
2nd i open broadcaster and select “vcam” as “host cam”

my problem ist, that i can only see a logo of vcam in den braodcaster software.

3rd i switch back to vcam software and suddenly i see this message:

“camera not available - Camera is used by another process XSplitCore.exe”

How to fix this???

No help, no reply, no support for 2 days…

I am done with Xsplit and will switch to vMix.

I will write a public review as you are not providing the support you promise.


Hi! That error indicates that XSplit Broadcaster and VCam may be unintentionally in conflict with the access for the virtual camera.

Please send us screenshots of both the XSplit Broadcaster and XSplit VCam windows when you set it so that it shows the “in use by another process” error, we’ll check what might be causing that.