VCam + Elgato Corrupts Capture Colors

Hi, I have an issue with the VCam Software making colors wrong when using Streamlab OBS \ Just OBS to capture an Elgato Capture Card.

Software Involved: (everything is the latest at the time of writing)

  • StreamLabs OBS v1.0.7
  • XSplit VCam v2.2.2103.2502
  • Elgato HD60 S+
  • Elgato 4k Capture Utility v1.7.4.4801 (installed just for the drivers)
  • Nintendo Switch firmare v12.0.0
  • GPU Radeon 390
  • Windows 10

Expected Behaviour:
Setup a scene on StreamLabs OBS, where I could display the output of the Elgato + the webcam of VCam.

Actual Behaviour:
Elgato Capture Card has distortion on the colors when using VCam as Video Input Source.
The issue DOES NOT happen if another software is used to handle web cam input.

Steps to reproduce:
(Before Starting VCam - if it is open, close it before executing these steps)

  • Connect the Nintendo Switch HDMI to the Elgato Input HDMI Port
  • Connect a Monitor HDMI to the Elgato Output HDMI Port
  • Connect the usb-c cable to the computer usb-c port
  • Open StreamLabs OBS (or OBS, or Elgato 4K Capture Utility)
  • Add elgato as a Source
  • Check that Video of the capture is normal (all colors are fine)

(Now to trigger the issue)

  • Open VCam Software
  • Check that immediatly Elgato Source gets its colors corrupted.

! In all those steps, the output monitor will not get any issues in color (image will be fine) - so the pass through is not affected !


  • Color issue persists even after closing the VCam application.
  • Color issue persists if only the computer is restarted.
  • Color issue goes away if the Elgato capture is disconnected for a moment, and reconnected AFTER closing all software.

This issue was posted on discord channel with the pictures.
I cannot post links OR images on this forum.

Can someone help me solve this issue ?

Hi! Looks like you already got a reply to this in Discord. Do you need any further assistance, or help with anything else?