Vcam error camera in use

Logi C920 is my cam… Vcam error saying camera in use by other application. I shut down all other camera access, still getting message…reinstalled still getting error…I see my camera light is off until i open vcam so i know it was not on or in use before then…vcam gives error message then a continue option, when I continue it takes me to the management screen but it is blank, not showing me. when I click on the preview screen i can see myself in cam but only while i am holding preview. When I run a calibration it says web cam detected all is good, then i get error when i continue. all other camera access shut off in settings…i tried chat help but not going well…they keep asking me to send Graph dump…i tried for an hour but it says i cant save because i am not admin but i am admin i checked .has anyone else had this problem/know a solution

Hi @CeeCeeDee,

The Graph Dump will help us investigate the issue. Please try to copy the XSplitVCam.exe.config to your desktop, edit and save, then overwrite the file in C:\Program Files (x86)\SplitmediaLabs\XSplit VCam\x64. Let’s see if this works. Make sure VCam is not running before doing this.

Here the steps to generate the Graph Dump:

  1. Go to VCam installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\SplitmediaLabs\XSplit VCam\x64)
  2. Look for XSplitVCam.exe.config
  3. Right click on XSplitVCam.exe.config then select Edit or Open with Notepad
  4. Then add
  5. See image for reference
  6. Launch VCam and replicate the issue
  7. Once the issue has been replicated close VCam
  8. Go to C:\graph where the dump files are saved then send it to us. Note that you can replace C:\graph with different location, depending on where you would like it to be automatically saved.

Exactly the same issue as mine, with C920 as well