Vcam freezes and hangs on start

I updated VCam to the most current version, opened it and it just freezes & hangs. I’m using a Logitech Brio as the default camera. Running as Administrator gives me the same response.

Prior version would cause my PC to freeze and drop the video during streams.

Rolled back to prior version and it runs ok.

Hi there, could you provide us a saved copy of your MSINFO. Here is how you can get the MSINFO:

And, a screenshot of your VCam settings?

Recently started happening for me too. Couldn’t even kill the process once, access denied even from elevated cmd, had to reboot to get rid of the window.
Can’t give you a settings screenshot as the window freezes pretty quickly.
I would attach you an msinfo save but the forum seems to only allow a few file formats (images + json), is there another way I can pass this on?

Off the top of my head, things I can think of that have changed about my system since I last saw VCam working:

  • Installed WSL2 (requires “Virtual Machine Platform” windows feature, think might technically mean windows is sitting on top of a minimal Hyper-V)
  • Got a 1440p 144Hz monitor (which sometimes flickered for a bit when starting VCam)
  • Updated GPU drivers.

Edit: Forgot to add, using a C922.