VCam image doesn't appear in 3rd party Apps


I have LG V30 Android 9 though XSplit Connect into VCam which works just fine, but the VCam chosen as a Camera in other Apps (Zoom, OBS) shows only logo as a stream. Doesn’t seem to be a problem covered here, only similar issue I found mentiond was with Slack and so I tried all different combinations of switching of HW/SW acceleration (which was the proposed solution) and image settings in both programs, all of which left me with the same result. DroidCam app work on 1st try but would prefer using Xsplit. Starting a video zoom call makes the phone camera go Live with Xsplit off, so the connection is there, not the image transfer though.

Any tips or is this simply not possible with the free license?, dont want to buy one until confirmed working.

Thank you, Martin

Hi! We’ll need to check first if you’re on the current version of VCam. What version number does it show if you go Help > About in the VCam window?

Does the issue persist if you use a wired or built-in webcam as VCam’s camera source, instead of a phone connected via XSplit Connect?

Hi, all newly installed and seems up to date across the board (Android app, Zoom, OBS, Windows 8.1, GeForce GTX 850M), VCam 2.2.2103.2502 (2.2.2103.205/1.0.2102.2501) , unfortunately I don’t have any other camera, that’s why I seek a mobile solution. The image captured by mobile shows in VCam but doesnt transfer to Zoom/OBS when chosen as a source.

Thank you, Martin

Are you able to try testing that on a Windows 10 device instead? There have been some occasional issues that we’ve encountered when running VCam as a virtual camera in versions before Windows 10.

Hi @4242ad! I’ve checked with the devs about this problem you’ve encountered.

This is an issue with the DirectShow filter, which VCam uses in Windows 8.1 and below. It users a hardware driver in Windows 10 – it’s not really something that can be fixed since VCam no longer uses DirectShow.

It’s a compatibility problem for machines that are below Windows 10.