VCam interfiering with default camera

Hello, I recently bought a lifetime of Vcam but for some reason the Vcam Drivers are interfering with the native drivers for my webcam. If I have the Vcam drivers enabled even with Vcam off anything that tries to use my regular webcam will crash and keep resetting. This is also keeping my webcam from turning on when I boot up my computer to identify me. If any one has any suggestions that would be great. I’m only using it to stream recently so its not the end of the world if I have to enable the drivers before I stream but I would prefer if I didn’t have to do that.

Thank You

Hi @johnathanleross ,

Can you give us the steps on how you encountered the issue? So we can check if we can replicate the issue. Thanks!

After installing Vcam and using it for a bit, I turned off my computer. When my computer boots up it attempts to turn on my webcam to then identify my face as a login method. My camera would fail to start. After checking a bunch of settings and seeing if it was my web cam I realized the only new thing related to my webcam was Vcam. So I uninstalled it and restart my computer. On boot my webcam would now start. I reinstalled Vcam and attempted to test my webcam on one of those “Test My Webcam” online websites. To which it would show my webcam on for about one second then turn off and no longer work. (which is what it would do on FB video chat) I then found the drivers for Vcam and disabled them. Afterwards I went back to the website and my webcam was working as normal.

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Do you manually exit VCam before shutting down or restarting? I’m thinking this may be due to VCam accessing camera before your computer is able to access your webcam for face login. After you boot your computer, dp you see VCam running in task manager?

Also is this using VCam 2.1.2101.0603?

Looks like it is running on boot. and yes it is version 2.1.2101.0603. Although an update is available.

Maybe I have the same problem. After installing VCam windows face recognition won’t work anymore even when VCam is stopped and exited. When I try to improve face recognition i am not asked for my PIN and just return to where I came from. The only way to solve this that i found was to deinstall VCam. After that face recognition works again.