Vcam is changing camera to default one

Hi all, is anyone know how to choose default camera, vcam is moving to one with * and re-enabling to this one. (vcam is founding all source properly and I can make active all of them but after few sec he is changing source back to default one on list with *, how to mark diffrent source as default.

Hi! VCam automatically detects the default camera based on Windows’ settings. It doesn’t have any built-in settings for changing the default camera in the drop-down, and I can’t seem to find Windows 10’s own settings for changing the default (just the Device Manager where you can enable/disable cameras).

However, it should not be reverting to the other camera like that. Try this first:

  1. Close XSplit VCam.
  2. Open the %programdata%\SplitMediaLabs\XSplit VCam directory in your File Explorer.
  3. Delete the cefcache folder in that directory.
  4. Re-launch VCam and see if it’s still changing the webcam on its own.

Would be also great if you can also send us a debugview log when switching to the other camera. To get the debugview logs please follow the steps here (Steps here will also work for VCam).