VCam is suddenly cropping backgrounds instead of stretching

VCam used to stretch backgrounds to fit. Now it’s suddenly cropping them - I assume after an update. I cannot find a setting to correct this. Cropping is NOT ok. Half my backgrounds are useless now. Please fix this or add a setting for it.

Hi there, could you provide screenshot of the VCam app showing the said issue? Have you also tried reinstalling VCam to rule out corrupted files/installation?

Here’s a screenshot. In the list of backgrounds on the right, the image appears stretched as before. But in the actual background, the image is now cropped and can no longer be read as part of the writing is off the screen. I have hundreds of backgrounds that work fine when stretched, but not when cropped. Please either revert back to stretching or add a checkbox to select Stretch or Crop.


Does it happen on all images? Like the default background images or unsplash images in VCam? If not, can you send me the background image you have tried that has this issue.

Every image, no exceptions. I just loaded up a bunch of square images to be sure. The list of images on the right always shows the images properly stretched while the active background image gets cropped. Previously vcam would stretch them to fit, thus the preview images would match the active background images as expected.

Is this not happening to you with the latest release? How could something on my system cause this? I have rebooted. And just to be sure it wasn’t something weird with drivers, I tried upgrading my Nvidia drivers to the latest as well. No change. I also tried gifs and jpgs - same result.

I have now also removed and then re-installed vcam - the problem persists.