VCam isn't running 720 resolution on OBS Studio

I just bought this software last week and had it connected to my OBS just fine at 720 resolution. However I turned my computer on today and now Xsplit isn’t showing up on my OBS at resolution 1280x720 like it has been all of this time. Now it only shows up at 640x480 and below despite me having a 1080p Logitech C922 camera. Even when I hop in Discord and turn my camera on, it crops my screen down to 480 and only shows half of my screen.

There’s no threads on what the issue could be, nothing has updates nor did i change or update anything. It was fine this past week and all of a sudden today It wont work.

On VCam, you can go for this if it helps: go to the VCam settings and then see if toggling “Enable HD” to ON fixes these low issues. Re-adding the VCam source on OBS after doing this is good too.

Another common solution outside of VCam is re-checking if the graphics card drivers are on their latest versions like NVIDIA drivers or AMD drivers (whichever one you have) and then restarting after the update.