VCam no longer works on latest Chrome (96.0.4240.75)


Either an update with Vcam or Chrome broke the functionality, vcam only displays a black screen on webcamtest websites (as well as Meet, Hangouts, and Roll20). I can use my Logitech C920 directly without issue.

My setup is Logitech C920 --> Xsplit Vcam --> Browser

Zoom, Discord are both work perfectly with VCam as of this post (October 14th, 2020).

Hi! Just to be sure: Is VCam still allowed as Chrome’s camera in the chrome://settings/content/camera settings page, after that last update?

Yep, it is allowed, but only a black screen comes up in Chrome. Not sure if it’s a Vcam update or latest Chrome changes.

It’s working normally with the updated VCam and Chrome here. Looks like this might be better off with some troubleshooting in the Support chat:

This is weird, I updated my video card driver, restarted PC and now it’s working… Sorry to bother!

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Great! Let us know if anything else comes up.