VCam not showing in Skype

Windows 10 …

VCam is showing, I can use it with Windows built in camera… I tried to use it on Skype but it’s not even an option in the drop down… I’ve rebooted and reinstalled… it does not show up at all ( I paid for lifetime )

I was using Chromacam before switching to this… I removed that and paid for this because I liked being able to use animated backgrounds…

Any reason why it wouldn’t show up? Chromacam did

Are you using Skype for Content Creators/Desktop?

VCam currently isn’t compatible with the built-in Skype for Windows 10 or Skype for Business. (

Whaaaaaat?? the homepage literally says it works with skype ( using the skype logo ) … that’s what I was paying for…

That was quite unclear at the time of purchase.

VCam do work on Skype, but not on the Microsoft Store version of Skype which is pre-installed on your PC since this version does not work on some virtual webcams like VCam.

You would need to be using the Skype for Windows Desktop which you can get here

Also, just to clarify VCam also works on Skype for Business

VCam 2.0 Beta installer is now available for download -> VCam 2.0 Beta is here! 2x Improved AI / Hardware Driver Installation / Image and Video Background Configuration

Using the hardware driver for VCam, you should be able to set VCam as your camera in built-in Skype for Windows 10.


If you want to install VCam 2.0 hardware driver, we recommend uninstalling 1.2 version first before installing the hardware driver. Uninstalling 1.2 will unregister the virtual camera for 1.2 version and ensure that 1.2’s virtual camera won’t be enumerated as an available camera in applications.