Vcam / Obs studio has become very laggy

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been using Vcam for about a year with OBS and it’s been working fine. A couple of weeks ago I had occasion to use it again after a break of a few months, and it has started to lag by about half a second. I’m using a Logitech C270 camera. Latest version of VCam and OBS. Windows 10 (latest updates), NVIDIA Ti1060 GPU and i7 processor. To be clear: There is no lag in the Xsplit preview screen it’s just in OBS studio where I have Xsplit set up as a video capture source.

I use OBS to record, not to stream.

Here are the fixes I’ve tried:
Disabling the ‘auto’ functions (eg. white balance and gain) in the Logitech camera settings.
Playing with all the settings on XCam (e.g. lowering quality and switching from GPU to CPU as the primary processor).
Fresh install of Xsplit.

None of these work. I have seen that some people have this problem too and wondered if it is a known issue and whether there is a cure? I have a lifetime Xsplit license which is all but useless if I can’t fix it.

Many thanks in advance for any pointers. Please let me know if you need any further information.

Hi! We’ll check first if there are any settings that should be adjusted in OBS Studio. Please send some screenshots of the webcam source’s properties in OBS, along with the Output and Video tabs from OBS’ Settings window.

Thank you for coming back to me so quickly. Attached is a link to the settings you have asked for (I hope), the camera settings and the settings in Xcam.

Based on the settings you’ve shown so far, it may be an OBS problem. Does the stuttering only happen in OBS’s recordings? Do you have other sources added aside from VCam that also stutter in your OBS output?

Something else to test to rule out whether the problem is isolated to OBS: Do you also have lag if you use XSplit VCam as a camera source in any other apps such as Skype?

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Hi Bartolomew. It’s just X-split that stutters. If I record purely from my webcam there is no lag.

I’ve now tried X-split with zoom as you suggeted and I’m getting the lag on zoom as well.

I don’t understand why other people don’t have the is problem but I do. Do you think it may be a windows setting?

Yes, you may have to check if you have any pending updates for your Windows install or your NVIDA driver. The GPU driver in particular would be good to reinstall, since a Windows update can affect that.

Thanks Batolomew. Windows updated and a clean install of my GPU driver (also needed an update). My GPU is NVidia which gives me a choice between ‘Gameready’ and ‘Studio’ - I opted for Studio this time and things have improved! Also within OBS studio I disabled ‘auto buffering’ in the X-split source properties. This has brought the lag down. It’s odd, for the first second or two there appears to be no lag at all, but as I continue to speak the lag appears - but not as bad as before.

I’ve ordered a new camera (waiting for delivery - thanks Brexit) as my current one is a bit old and only records at 720.

Do you have any other suggestions please?

Thank you so much for your help so far.

:: Edit:: I have found a workaround. If I add a 40ms delay to my mic in OBS the final recording is in sync (although it doesn’t look like it when I’m doing the actual recording).

Something to test with that lag: Does it also happen in a local recording from OBS, instead of a live stream? This is to rule out if it may be an issue that’s isolated to live streaming>

As for the resolution, please be advised that VCam is currently limited to 720p:

Hi Batolomew. I’ve now replaced my old logitech webcam with a C922. Same problem persists. I don’t use OBS for streaming at all. It’s all local recording. I’ve got the resolution for Xsplit set to 1080x720 within OBS. The audio is ahead of the video by about 4m/s.

Can we request for your msinfo? Here’s a guide on hwo to generate msinfo We’re looking into this issue and need to check if issue happens on same GPU model.

I’m not sure if you can attach it here. If not, please send it over to our support team via chat in or you can upload in Dropbox or Google Drive and send the link here. Thanks!

Hi @ravifelicity! The devs have advised about an update for this problem with that lagging VCam window.

They have pinpointed that the issue looks to be related to the latest NVIDIA drivers and hardware, along with our cuDNN version. However, the devs are also looking to roll out an installer for fixing this issue within the next few weeks.

Good day! We have just released a new version of XSplit VCam that should fix the issue you have encountered. You can get the latest version that has the fix here