VCam preview or something stuck in bottom-right corner

The image/feed of what the camera is “broadcasting” is visible at all times in the bottom right corner,and won’t dissappear.Its even there if I uninstall/close VCam, restart Windows but dont start VCam.It always stays there.Can anyone help me make it disappear? It doesnt show in a screenshot (printscreen),but it is there.

I uploaded 2 screenshots,first is what the monitor shows,2nd is what a printscreen shows.(It shows what the webcam is set to right now)
20210212_085308 unknown

Hi! The error message isn’t very visible from those screenshots that you’d sent. Can you take a clearer screenshot using Windows’ built-in Snipping Tool instead?

Hi @gomanpc
VCam does not show any corner preview of the camera. Can you try to exit apps one by one (try Discord and Nvidia Experience too), and see if the corner preview hides when an app is shut down. An app maybe is accessing a camera source, and by default the source could be VCam. Make sure the app process is not running in Task manager.

If you go in to your overlay (alt+z) its your digital webcam trying to record you via Geforce expierence Just turn it to Off