VCam + Skype For Business (formerly Lync) = image stretched

Hi all, as stated in the title, I just bought a lifetime license but VCam doesn’t work with Skype for Business. Vcam image is just not in the right proportions.
I’m using Logitech C920 cam.

Please help

Hi there, can you provide me a sample screenshot showing this preview? And, does it look fine when using your regular webcam directly on Skype for Business?

We’ve just rolled out our 2.0 Beta version with the option to keep aspect ratio for image and video backgrounds. Enabling this option should scale your image correctly, so the background won’t look “stretched”. You have additional controls too for your background - brightness, contrast, zoom, pan and tilt. :slight_smile:

You can find the 2.0 installer here VCam 2.0 Beta is here! 2x Improved AI / Hardware Driver Installation / Image and Video Background Configuration.