VCAM transparency not working on M1 Mac

I am using a Logitech Brio 4K webcam with my M1 Mac mini, using latest Mac OS Monterey. After downloading the latest purchased version of Vcam, the Vcam is unable to remove the background to transparent, and only replaced it with black background which is of no use as when I use it with OBS, it simply has a black background.
I am wondering if I have been robbed out of my money as it is unable to perform this function that it can do on Windows.
Is there any work around this issue.

Hi! It’s currently unable to remove the background, and can only select a black background as a replacement due to compatibility issues with macOS applications where transparency are not supported.

A workaround you can try out is to use a green background if you’re using it with recording software than can use Chroma.