VCam / VPN / license key


two points:

VCam in connection with a VPN solution must be logged in again after each restart.
This makes the good solution absolutely unusable.
With the request to share a solution for VPN usage.

Login procedure:
After buying a Vcam license keys I assumed to get one.
The customer does not receive a license key → the software requires a permanent login.
Why is no license file/key sent to the customer?
A locally unlocked software would also allow VPN and thus enable proffesional users to use VCam.


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Hi XSplit

As a customer who has paid a not inconsiderable amount for the software, I expect a solution for the login issue.

It can not be that after each restart of the client:

  • a new VCam login is required
  • and the settings are not saved and have to be set again

With the request for delivery of a solution!