Vcam with WebEx

Is anyone using Vcam with WebEx and how do you set it up

I tried using it in Webex with no success. (I tried it using Zoom and it works great.)

In Webex I am able to select the camera, but no video is pushed.

I’m having the opposite problem: no issues at all in WebEx, it works great. It does NOT start Xsplit automatically, so I just have to double-click the icon on my desktop to get it running.

However, no matter what I do I cannot get Xsplit to work with Zoom. I’ve tried just about everything, even re-installing Zoom, but no luck.

This latest update solved my issue with Webex. Nice job guys! :+1:

I have exactly the same issue … when I switch to the xsplit vcamera in zoom
“can not start video” … Failed to start video camera

@cspinks Which Webex app are you using, Meetings or Teams?
To use VCam in Meetings, you’ll need to click on Start Meeting. While in Room preview screen, click on Settings (bottom-right) and select XSplit VCam as your camera.

@hirlas Thank you, I’m glad it’s working now for you!

Unfortunately, we’re still investigating this issue as issue still exists for some users. :frowning:

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@ki6uaq Issue with Zoom should be fixed now in VCam latest version -> [RELEASE] VCam - March 28, 2020 (Fix for using VCam in Zoom)

I’m using XSplit VCam already with MS Teams and it works as expected. Now I try to connect to webex, but XSpilt VCam is not shown in the list of cameras. What can I do. I reinstalled XSplit already.
Using Cisco WebEx Meetings as Desktop on a Windows 10 Maschine. And yes, I started XSplit manually.
Best Rainer

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Hi @rainer.richter.p, what version is your XSplit VCam and Cisco Webex Meetings?


WebEx is
XSplit VCam 1.2.2003.2802
FrontEnd 1.2.2003.0501


I’m having the same issue with Webex. I’m our Webex admin and my users like the background features like Zoom so I’m testing this out to see if we should get more. If it won’t work with Webex though it’s not worth it. Hoping you can get this resolved.

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Actually, I retract my previous post. I started up my personal Webex room just to test it one more time and it worked.

Hello all,

We’ve just released a new version XSplit VCam 1.2.2004.0901 today with fix for when no video is received when selecting VCam as camera in Cisco Webex Meetings.

Please download the latest version here: and let’s see if you’ll still have the issues with Webex Meetings (cannot see VCam in list, showing logo screen only).

More info on latest version here: [RELEASE] VCam - April 9, 2020 (Offline Mode, Fixes for Webex Meetings, GoToMeeting)

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I installed the new version and it appears to be working. Previous version was actually hit or miss. Sometimes it would work and sometimes not. I’m on Webex almost every day so I’ll let you know if I see any issues. Thanks for the quick response!!

Using Cisco Webex meeting version, saw the post about xsplit-vcam version 1.2.2004.0901 so have downloaded and using that. MS teams works great, webex meetings though, do not see an option xsplit camera, just my front and rear cameras. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kevin

Excellent! This updated version resolved the issue with WebEx. VCam “check for updates” didn’t notify me about the newer version being available for download.

Thanks for the great support and frequent updates!

Hi @kevin.price

Please generate your MSINFO file, upload in Google Drive or Dropbox, and send me the link so we can check. .

If you can also install XSplit Broadcaster (, and see if you can select XSplit Broadcaster as camera in Webex Meetings, that would help us in finding the cause. Thanks!

xsplit broadcaster no dice, however MS Teams works great, can see both my camers, xplit and broadcaster.
As for msinfo, need your email address so i can send a link. Thanks a zillion, Kevin

@kevin.price Please send an email to and

Just to clarify, you’re using the standard WebEx Meetings Client, correct? Nothing special such as WebEx Teams or any other implementation or integration?