VCam Won't Work With Zoom

VCam has stopped working with Zoom, as have my other virtual cameras. VCam displays video, Zoom won’t. When I try to change cameras in Zoom’s video settings, the settings window freezes and eventually crashes. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Zoom, VCam and the camera (and the other virtual cameras) and have updated all drivers. Nothing works.

Camera is Logitech c922. VCam is 2.2.2013.2502. Zoom is latest as of 4.21.2021.

Any ideas how to fix this?

I got the same issue. VCam works on my streaming software, it just does not work on zoom.

I have updated to the latest graphics driver too.

Hi @vicissitude24 and @spw3098! VCam was recently updated to Version 2.3.2105.2001. Try uninstalling your existing VCam first, then reinstall the current version downloadable from the website:

Did that, still the same, all were updated. My VCAM either freezes with zoom or does not show video.

I also have the same issue, has stopped working with zoom.
I also have a Logitech Webcam, C930e.
Windows 8.1
Version 2.3.2109.2103

Everything works in app, just not in Zoom.

UDPATE: Sorry, actually, this isnt Zoom issue, this doesn’t work in Skype or Viber either. I’m going to re-install.

Somehow my version was higher than the one released for windows 8.
I’m guessing auto-update did this.
I uninstalled and reinstalled and now works.

That is great to know that it is now working on your end, with regards to this issue when using below Windows 10 OS you would need to use the older version of VCam v2.2