Version 2.0.2008.2402 logs me out all the time

Every time I restart the program and also after running it for a while I am logged out. The program then shows the watermark and loading screen.

I then have to log in a again via the browser (I am a paying customer) and disable the loading screen again. This was not the case a week or so ago and is rather annoying (I have a lot of meetings).

How can this be fixed?

Hi there, the version you are currently using is an older version. Could you update to the latest VCam version? You can get the latest version (v2.0.2010.2901) here

Huh. I tried Help → Check for updates, which said I was on the latest version. Will try upgrading. Should I uninstall first?

Works so far. Thanks for the quick help!

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You are welcome, its great to know it is now working on your end