Video streaming help please jumping audio

Hi there, i have run the test via FB and im still getting the audio jumping.
All my levels are down and i only have 3 windows on 3 seans…
Can someone tell me the correct settings please, im booked for my next live Dj stream at 12pm today and i have been on this all night and not got anywhere.

Can you provide us a sample of your recording with the audio jumping you currently encounter? Please also add screenshots of your Broadcaster’s Audio Settings and Control Panel’s Sound settings for us to check.

video set clip>>

Thank you for the screenshots, can you do a test where you have save vide to My Recordings unchecked? And, change stream settings to 720p@30fps and use x264 as codec instead and see how it goes.

Well, your settings suggestions seems to have sorted my audio skipping problem out, but the video is still skipping…
How do i send it to you? its 143MB?

You can upload the video to Google Drive or Dropbox then send us a shareable link.

Whoops, the Google Drive link’s showing that we need to request access. It would be better to continue this troubleshooting via Support’s live chat:

ok cool… thanks… i will try the chat…