Video with pixelated edges using remove chair

I am using the latest beta 2.0.2006.1902 without the beta hardware driver.

The edges have been improved overall with this beta version using the Adaptive filter and there are no more lags with the Always 30FPS setting.

I do however have a remaining issue with the Remove chair option. I am using a black chair and my background is mostly light. There is a high contrast between my ears and the back of my chair, yet the edges of my ears appear all pixelated on the video stream.

I was wondering if this could be due to me not using a very recent PC (Intel i7, 16Gb RAM, Windows 10 & a GEForce GTX 770 with 2Gb GDDR 5 Ram). I was thinking the issue may due to the GPU, yet whenever I’m using VCam and moving around, its usage never exceeds 35% (CPU usage is much lower, as Vcam is set to use the GPU). Maybe there’s still an issue with the number of cores?

My Vcam settings are the following and the room is setup with proper lighting (the overall video quality is great).

Vcam settings 1

Vcam settings 2

As you can see, I’m not using any auto settings either, as these are resource intensive and I find it better to provide manual values.

Any ideas of the cause of this issue?

Heya! Can we get screenshots of how it looks with the original background, and with the pixelation happening?

Yes, here’s a screen capture without and with Remove chair option, with my head in the same position:

With chair

Chair removed

You can clearly see the way my ear’s edge is not smooth in the second image.

Send us a screenshot of how it looks when it’s set to the Original background in VCam, we’d like to check if there’s anything that could be adjusted with the lighting or other objects in the background:


Here’s a screenshot of the original background