Virtual Camera Support?

Is there no longer virtual camera support in Vcam?
It works on older versions of Vcam.
Thank you for your time.


Hi there, you can still use VCam as a virtual camera on other applications. Or, do you mean you are trying to use other virtual camera on VCam? If yes, can you let me know which virtual camera apps are this

I cannot get Newtek NDI’s virtual input nor OBS’s virtual camera to appear in VCam. It just shows that no camera is connected. Thank you for replying.

Hello again,

I got a new web cam Razer Kiyo in the mail today. I thought maybe if XSplit Vcam had a camera to choose from I would get the drop-down menu to select the virtual input of NDI in Vcam but no such luck. Were you able to think of a solution?

@p.levota NDI source is not supported at the moment in VCam. We have tested this before and found some delay issues. This is under consideration but may not be prioritized at the moment. We’re currently working on a new version with additional features and improvement on the background removal model.

You can use OBS virtual camera now in XSplit VCam :). Download the latest VCam version 2.0.2010.2701 in Enable “show virtual cameras” option under Settings -> Application and select OBS virtual camera.

Hi! Im using the NDI Cam with my phone, but as I can only select it as a source in xsplit I cant edit it to blur in vcam without blurring the whole game in the process. Is there a way to fix this?

@lisa Can you send us a screenshot of the issue please?

Hi, I wasnät able to upload images here so
i will try to give you a wetransfer link instead…

So firstly, this is what my xsplit looks like before altering the camera. You can see under sources that i am using the NDI camera app.

Here is my V-cam. As you can see, I had to enable ävirtual cameras (1), as I dont have a camera connected by cord. Then I choose xsplit (2), and the only other option here would be obs which i dont use anymore. As you can see, the program chooses to blur everything, or in some cases everything but the camera. (3)

Is there any way I can get it to edit only the ndi camera source?

@lisa Thanks for sending the screenshots!
VCam is able to detect if there is a person from the source feed, however VCam cannot separate the sources or layers from XSplit Broadcaster virtual camera feed, so blurring will affect the whole background from the feed (excluding the detected person).
We will release soon a mobile phone camera app that you can use as a source in VCam. :slight_smile:

Oh cool! I might hold off on buying a webcam then. Thanks for all your help! :slight_smile:

Hi @lisa, XSplit Connect : Webcam is now available for Android and iOS devices, so you can use your mobile phone camera as your webcam. :slight_smile: