Virtual Webcam in WebEx/Zoom

I’ve been using OBS for a while with the Virtual Camera plugin or NDI Virtual Input which will then give me the new camera source in Zoom or WebEx, showing my full OBS stage.

I can use Vcam in the same way, but all it really gives me in just video with some fun green screen backgrounds. Can I use Broadcaster as a virtual camera to display my current setup through WebEx/Zoom or am I not looking at this correctly.

So the short of it… want to use Broadcaster to have a presentation with my video overlay, and then have this be my virtual cam input into my Zoom/WebEx session.

Help… plrease. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi! Yes, XSplit Broadcaster can also be used as a virtual camera in another app.

Ok. Well it’s good to know that it’s possible… any direction on how to use Broadcaster as a virtual camera? Is this a plugin, an option somewhere, or do I need an additional piece of software to do it? :nerd_face:

No additional software needed. As long sa it’s compatible, XSplit Broadcaster will show up as a selectable camera. Here’s an example using Google Hangouts’ settings:

Virtual Cam