vMix audio problems

I purchased xSplit to use a virtual background with vMix (I’m streaming to FB and Zoom while recording).

For some reason, vMix is not getting any audio from xSplit. I can add the XSplit Vcam but it is silent. When I click on the “audio settings” in vMix, nothing happens (like it is not even seeing audio as an option). I’m using the default input, but none of the options (“Composite” “S Video” “HDMI” …) worked.

I don’t see any controls for audio output on XSplit.

I’m using the latest Win10 release, vMix ( and the latest xSplit (2.0.2008.1803)

Any thoughts? I realize this might be a vMix problem, but I thought I’d start here.

Note that XSplit Vcam only gets the video of your webcam. It does not provide any audio so you will need to check vMix settings for the audio again.

Yep, what PapaGuy said. You’ll need to add any relevant audio devices inside of Vmix itself as audio inputs.