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Having issues generally, with VR for what is becoming year 2, now.

Scanned the forums, didn’t find anything relative to this topic, so posting.

Some sort of nifty, persistent, streamlined, less taxing on system means or multicore oriented extension for the HMD’s control set would be baller - maybe even kick it up a notch and integrate motion/touch controls while we’re spitballing.

Also - issues involving the “auto-detect game” feature in regards to (very specifically "Valve | Steam | Valve Index) with it having to be constantly removed \ added back \ tinkered with - despite having it setup in source, and it working at the time of closing the app or restarting program need to be ironed out.

Has some inherently interment janky glitches that are probably a result of the VR software it’s self, as it’s still relatively new - However,. It would seem quite apt to make advancements and adjustments in regards to integrating the emerging technology as it’s probably going to be more and more available/utilized going forward.

I speak in riddles, but if you need iterative or referential translation of rambling, please just ask for more specific clarification of any individual asect.

Sincerely, D