"Well that’s embarrassing" error

Hi, I’m using the paid plan and Vcam works excellent on my laptop (Windows 7). I’ve successfully tried it once on another computer (PC Windows 7), but after updating I received “Well that’s embarrassing” error on startup. The same error occurred on my third machine (PC Windows 10). Now I am wary of next updating on a laptop. All computers are connected to Home network. Can you help me? Maybe it has something to do with the license? Thank you.

Hi! We’ve got a few things for you to check.

  1. Is your XSplit VCam currently on the latest version, 2.1.2102.2601? You can check that from Help > About in your VCam window.

  2. What happens if you click the Reload button under the “Well that’s embarrassing” error?

  3. Are you able to view the https://xvc.apps.xsplit.com page in a browser tab?

  4. Close the VCam window, go to %programdata%\SplitMediaLabs\XSplit VCam and delete the cefcache folder, then re-launch XSplit VCam.

If the issue still persists, please send us a DebugView log as shown here:

Thank you.

  1. Yes we’re talking about the latest version on each computer.
  2. Clicking on the Reload button returns the same error almost immediately.
  3. Yes I’m able to view the https://xvc.apps.xsplit.com page in my browser tab (Windows 7).
  4. I’ve followed the instructions in paragraph 4 – and got the same error after testing process (Windows 7).
  5. More of it, I closed VCam, uninstalled it and deleted all its folders and files I found, including the hidden ones, and also deleted all the registry entries I found (Windows 7). Then I installed the latest version again (2.1.2102.2601) – and got this error again :frowning:
  6. I’ve tried VCam on my 4th computer at home (Windows 10) – and it works fine :slight_smile:
  7. Anyway thank you for this wonderful tool. Hope it will work out.

We’ll go over what we’ve got so far with the devs, and see what to try next for fixing that on your Windows 7 machine. Let us know if anything else comes up.

Would be great if you can send us a debuglog on your third machine (Windows 10). Our VCam may still be installed on Windows 8.1 and below, but we no longer support Win 8.1 and below.

Here’s the steps to generate the debugview logs: https://www.xsplit.com/support/vcam/troubleshooting/debugview-logs-for-vcam

When recreating the issue for the logs, just run VCam to show the error message again.