What Audio Format are supported?

I have been searching all over and I cannot find any faq or documentation that explains what file formats for audio that are supported with gamecaster. Can anyone provide this information? I have tried .wav files for alert sounds but it says it is not a supported format. When I look at the general ones that come built in they are .ogg I find it odd one of the oldest audio formats isn’t supported.

There are alot of support audio file, for example are .aac, .wav, .mp3, .ogg, .webm and others

When adding/uploading an audio file it would also show the supported audio files you can refer to.

so here I tried to upload a 09 sec .wav and this is the error. The error is not clickable, the i isn’t clickable so there is absolutely no info. Other then the search pc window which shows many different audio files.

Sorry to hear that, could you send us this audio file that you are trying to upload so we can check?

Sure I can send it where do you want it sent? Also to be sure it is not just one file it is every .wav file I have tried. I converted them with vlc to .ogg and then they uploaded. I have also not had issues with .mp3.

Hey there! You can upload it to a place like Google Drive and then paste the shareable link here.

Alternatively, you can also send the file directly to the XSplit chat support here and they can look into this with you: https://www.xsplit.com/support