When and how did you first start streaming?

I must have been around 20 or so (2012) I think. I was trying to stream Minecraft and COD4 with a 500Kbit upload connection. I believe I first used Flash Live Media Encoder (FMLE) but don’t think I could get it to capture my game. Then went on to use XSplit. I went on to help some esport tournament websites run streams and eventually landed a job at ESL UK as head of produciton. Learned a lot since then.

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2015 for me, so I was about 23 years old. I got to use Gamecaster and liked that it could record my games without having to leave fullscreen. I had a craptop then and I had to downscale my games just to get a smooth framerate, so I bought a gaming PC in June and started my first stream around July.

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Yeah, gaming PC’s are where it’s at. Remember getting my first one for christmas when I was 14 that I shared with my brother. It’s the PC I first started playing COD4 on.

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I think it was 2011 streaming a Sonic Speedrun marathon for Special Effect with friends. I think we had a two webcams with one just pointed at the TV because we didn’t have any sort of capture card! Raised £450 though!

Not bad for using webcam as a capture card XD

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Started just because I felt like its a good way to boost my love for games…
also the idea that I can possibly make some extra income did cross my mind. LOL

I won an engraved AverMedia Live Gamer Portable, and it arrived on May 28, 2013, which is the day I started streaming. Back then, my PC was so bad, I had no choice but to use RECentral.

Luckily, I’ve had a mentor and his team backing me up and giving me advice since day 1.

A lot has happened since then. I’ve ditched the LGP in favor of the AverMedia Game Broadcaster HD C127; I have a better PC that runs both XSplit just fine, and I’ve become a Twitch Affiliate.

Ah that’s awesome. How did you win the LGP?

AverMedia held a video contest. Basically “Why do you want the LGP?”

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I started with my PS4. Bought a camera for it (which i also sold eventually) and Streamed some games using the PS4’s streaming feature.

LOL… it was 3 days ago. (2 April 2020). I’m 38 years old. I’ve got one monitor, some Alienware & Razer gear, and a dinky webcam. Let’s do this!

I’ve been playing video games and PC games since Centipede, Lode Runner and Dark Castle… but in between those years and now, I also ended up going to school and getting an awful desk job that consumed my soul.

With what I’ve got left, I’m putting together a happy little YouTube channel where I play whatever low-stress, light-hearted games I want, and talk about whatever happens to cross my mind.

No more jumpscares, no more 4-6 hour MMO raid nights fueled by pizza rolls and energy drinks, no more precisely timed platformer jumps that I miss 15 times because the dog keeps barking. (The good ol’ days, right?)

Anyway. My Boomer mother always asks when I’m going to get a hobby, despite the fact that I’ve had one since the 1980s. Maybe this will finally shut her up.

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