Why doesn't Multitrack Audio ALWAYS record the microphone?

My problem is that sometime I have the microphone accidently disabled when doing screen recordings (it’s easy to miss, as the VU meter still works) so my content is ruined because it has no audio.
So I enabeld Multitrack recording thinking that it will always record the microphone on a seperate track regardless of the mute setting as a backup, but it DOESN’T!
I import the multitrack MP4 into my video editor and I get 6 different audio streams, awesome, but none of those contain the microphone audio when it’s Muted on the main window.
I expected this for the stream mix recording channel, but what’s the point of multitrack audio if it doesn’t always record every track regardless of other settings?
Am I doing something wrong?

Also, why 6 channels of audio? I only need the main mix, microphone, and system. Can this be changed?



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Hi! Multi-track audio wouldn’t pick up the mic feed if the mic itself is muted. The multitrack audio is splitting whatever is being recorded from XSplit Broadcaster, so muting or removing the mic would also remove that from the XSplit recording.

However, it’s a bit odd that the VU meter still works. Can you send us screenshots of your Audio settings tab in XSplit Broadcaster, as well as the device output and input settings in any mixer and/or DAW that you’re using?

Well that seems kinda dumb and not at all how I’d expect multi track to work.
There should be absolutely no way you can lose any audio with the wrong settings. There needs to be an option to backup record the audio inputs directly.
Screen shot showing the VU meter working with the microphone muted, you can see the red bargraph below the mute audio level display. So you get fooled inte thinking the audio is fine when it’s actually muted.


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