Why is my stream not streamed in real-time? (Stream Latency)

Note: We’ll not discuss technicalities on here, just the basics :slight_smile:

Some people (who are new to streaming) are wondering why their streams are delayed. You’ll notice at times that stream is maybe 8-15 seconds late (or more in some cases). Is this normal?

The answer is: YES. It’s what we all Stream Latency

Stream Latency is the delay between your stream, and what viewers can see on their end. So more often than not, Live Streaming doesn’t always necessarily mean real-time streaming.

Stream latency happens because transmitting data from one destination to another takes time. Heck, even sunlight takes roughly 8 minutes to reach us here on Earth :laughing:

Is it possible to lower the latency when streaming?

Answer: It depends on where you’re streaming to.

• Youtube has an option to lower the latency when you’re streaming. For more information, please go to this link: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/7444635?hl=en

• Mixer has FTL (Faster than light streaming protocol) - Here’s a link for more info:

So yes, these sites are aware that stream latency is quite normal, but they offer a solution to users who need to interact with their users in real-time (or near real-time). But many streamers are totally fine with a little bit of delay and that’s okay. :slight_smile: