Widget: Custom Video Not playing

So I made a custom intro video, approx. 10 seconds long.
I added a new scene
I added a a new widget - Custom Video
I uploaded a 2.05MB video file (max is 150MB) so I am well under the size limitations
Video file type MP4
I can resize said video.
The file plays in in the scene editor.
Video plays fine when I Launch Test Center
I have tried selecting and deselecting both “Restart on scene switch and Loop”

Video will not play when I record or go live in a stream
Video will not play when I select the scene.

Hi, we’ll try testing that here on our end. Can you send us a copy of the video file?


I just tried this video here on mine, the same thing happens – it’s playing in the Scene Editor but not in the recording.

However, I was able to record a different video file that I tried uploading to the Scene Editor. Does the same thing happen if you try that with any other video on your end?

I can also confirm that another video I tried worked fine, (which I should have done) so I am thinking when I converted the video to reduce it’s size in VLC I obviously selected something that’s affecting the playback in scene.
I will test different settings when I get back from work, this evening and post here. Thanks folks.

Looks like the culprit is VLC media player which I used to convert my Adobe After Effect video to a smaller file. I tested every one and none will work correctly.
So I used Windows 10 Video Editor App to reduce the size and I can now get the video to play correctly.
I set it to Restart on Scene Switch but it does not restart. The video plays only once.
If I loop it works fine and continues to loop.