Win10 Crashes upon install

Every time I install, instant blue screen:
“Page Fault”
Just updated to latest windows. 18363.1198, 1909 update
So frustrating, just bought it and can’t install!

Hi! Please send us a screenshot of the blue screen where it shows those error texts, for reference.

Here you go. Pretty much like I said…

From windows application log:
The NVIDIA LocalSystem Container service terminated with the following error:
A generic command executable returned a result that indicates failure.

I had September nvidia drivers, which crashed. Then installed October drivers, which crashed.

I also tried installing with Admin privileges, which also crashed.

Hi there, we have just released a new version of VCam. Can you try installing this latest version instead and see if you would still get the same issue? Get it here:

Nope, same blue screen as above. I sent reams of data, logs, dumps, registry info in the chat to Lorenz. Can someone please tell me what h/w or driver is crashing my system? I don’t have anything that exotic. See the other community thread for someone who has the exact same issue!

The slight improvement is windows now sees Xsplit Vcam in apps&features for removal. But it won’t remove installation:
[Window Title]
C:\ProgramData\Caphyon\Advanced Installer{B8CECB3D-015C-4D0A-8E47-6625447635C1}\XVC_Installer_2.0.2011.1701.exe

Windows cannot find ‘C:\ProgramData\Caphyon\Advanced Installer{B8CECB3D-015C-4D0A-8E47-6625447635C1}\XVC_Installer_2.0.2011.1701.exe’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

See this other thread for the exact same problem!

Hi @spearse , I commented in Blue screen with latter versions with a test installer.

Same crash.
FYI, the executable also crashes my computer after restart.

I’ve been having the same issue for quite a while, and have been told you guys are aware and have other threads on this. Is there any idea on when it will be fixed or if there is an old version I can use?

Hi @chris.narowski

Would be great if you can send us your MSINFO and minidump files (C:\Windows\Minidump).

Please contact our support via chat in to report the issue with the requested files.

I wouldn’t bother, others (like me) have jumped through their information hoops and heard absolutely nothing back.

Hey @cheesyrambo, I’ve already submitted those after talking to support via chat and reported the issue with unfortunately no luck resolving the issue after taking a few steps. Can you provide an older version for me to use as it was working in the past previous to an upgrade.

Just tried again with the newest installer from your site.

Hello @chris.narowski

Can you try to do a system scan using sfc /scannow to repair any missing or corrupted system files. You can just follow Step 3 on this guide:

Also please try this Windows troubleshooter and have it check for any corrupt registry keys that may be interrupting the installation and then try the installer again? Here is the link:

Here’s the installer link btw for the VCam 1.2 version

Hello @cheesyrambo, I just ran through the system scan/repair and then tried reinstalling Vcam, I still received the same bluescreen message. I then used the windows troubleshooter which ended with a message of being unable to resolve the issue.

I ran the installer for VCam 1.2 and it installed and is working without any bluescreens. Is it possible my GPU isn’t supported by version 2? I am using a GTX 1660.