Win10 Crashes upon install

Every time I install, instant blue screen:
“Page Fault”
Just updated to latest windows. 18363.1198, 1909 update
So frustrating, just bought it and can’t install!

Hi! Please send us a screenshot of the blue screen where it shows those error texts, for reference.

Here you go. Pretty much like I said…

From windows application log:
The NVIDIA LocalSystem Container service terminated with the following error:
A generic command executable returned a result that indicates failure.

I had September nvidia drivers, which crashed. Then installed October drivers, which crashed.

I also tried installing with Admin privileges, which also crashed.

Hi there, we have just released a new version of VCam. Can you try installing this latest version instead and see if you would still get the same issue? Get it here:

Nope, same blue screen as above. I sent reams of data, logs, dumps, registry info in the chat to Lorenz. Can someone please tell me what h/w or driver is crashing my system? I don’t have anything that exotic. See the other community thread for someone who has the exact same issue!

The slight improvement is windows now sees Xsplit Vcam in apps&features for removal. But it won’t remove installation:
[Window Title]
C:\ProgramData\Caphyon\Advanced Installer{B8CECB3D-015C-4D0A-8E47-6625447635C1}\XVC_Installer_2.0.2011.1701.exe

Windows cannot find ‘C:\ProgramData\Caphyon\Advanced Installer{B8CECB3D-015C-4D0A-8E47-6625447635C1}\XVC_Installer_2.0.2011.1701.exe’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

See this other thread for the exact same problem!

Hi @spearse , I commented in Blue screen with latter versions with a test installer.

Same crash.
FYI, the executable also crashes my computer after restart.