Windows 7 Vcam is erro

i has erro msg, sometime its work sometime its like this…
why and how can i fixed this issuse

Hi @rajivkanthi,

Please send us a copy of your MSINFO file and debug log. You can have it uploaded in Google Drive or Dropbox and send us the link.

Here’s our guide on how to generate MSINFO:

And how to generate debug log (you can follow the steps for Gamecaster):


this is the MSINFO but deug is not work.
here i upload MSinfo and Debug the issuse.

Thanks for the files! Have you tried both hardware acceleration ( CPU or GPU ) settings?

how can i setting CPU or GPU?

To show the settings, please go to the main menu (Click the green top-left button in the titlebar), then click Show settings.

Now click on CPU or GPU under hardware acceleration to select.