WTF.. 4.0.2007.2907

Hi there,

I installed the latest version of the broadcaster today and it felt like the biggest mistake ever…
When I set the workspace to classic, I just see a gray background, nothing else.
If I set it to split, I can see the preview and the live image, but I can only change the preview.

When I select the scene below or via the keyboard shortcuts, it only changes the preview.
How do you change the live scene?!

Hi! The gray background in the Classic workspace is the edge around the scene itself. Once you’ve added one or more sources, you’ll see the image in the center of that, like this:

For Split Mode, you’ll need to click the Push Live button under the blue “live scene” indicator. That will save the edit into the live scene itself.

We have more info about the XSplit Broadcaster stage here: