Xplit vcam 2 lags and very buggy with zoom

I am using the recent released version 2 of vcam and i have licensed version. When i try to record with zoom, the recorded video is extremely choppy and lags while in the same software if i record with my surface pro front cam, the video is of very good quality. I tried to play around with different settings in vcam software but nothing is working. I feel like my money has gone wasted. I am using Surface Pro 4.

When it lags or while recording, how is your CPU and GPU doing? If you were to check your Task Manager, are any of the PC’s resources reporting back that they’re being maxed/reaching 100%?

It lags slightly by around 1 to 1.5 seconds in real time but recording is horrible. It feels like there are stills joined together. My CPU and GPU are fine. As i said, that while doing recording through native camera app at 1080p at 30 fps, the video is crystal clear and well synced and tuned. But as soon as camera is changed to xsplit with a virtual background, the video recording is horrible. And after zoom , i tried on a few more screen recorders as well which allow screen recording with webcam like loom etc, and the video is horrible. The task manager shows that cpu is not under extreme load.

Can you go for changing the hardware acceleration settings and see if any of these improve the performance?

If you can also send a screenshot over of how those settings appear on your end also. This guide can help on where to go: https://www.xsplit.com/vcam/manual/filters/filter-settings

Thanks. I will try different settings later today, as per your advice and see if that makes any difference

nrazakazmi, Any updates on how your lag is doing? I have the same issue and would welcome any tips. Thanks!