Xspit Broadcaster LAGGS when I start a game

Hello there I am trying to get back into my streaming’s and write your schedule and stuff like that. However, the program has given me frustration headaches and I don’t moving understand what’s going on with Xspit broadcaster yesterday. Everything seemed to be fine with settings in everything I restart my computer. I went to bed. I have all absent everything turn off so everything should be running fine now. Here’s what I’m experiencing. When I run the program. Everything runs fine. I see my screen everything moves I can im save a watch a video on YouTube or something. I can see it in Xsplit and everything runs smoothly. However, when I load a game the beginning it runs okay but when I get to the main screen Xlib sings to be lagging without evening going live. When I look on the program. On my second monitor when I minimize the game everything runs smoothly on my desktop. I try running everything on low settings on the game and this still occurs. I tried to use CPU video processing GPU video processing , enabling WASAPI change the GPU Adapter and GPU Anti Aliasing. I’ve been restarting the program, resetting my computer turning off non-necessary things that’s running in the background. I just don’t understand why it does this lagging thing when I run a game but when it’s on my desktop. It runs beautifully extremely frustrating when I want to let’s say want to play. No man, sky or I game and some of my friends wants to watch in and I can’t even record because the screen when I look on my secondary monitor. It’s all lagging when I move my character even when things moving in the background if I stand still.