XSplit and Minecraft Java 1.16

Minecraft Java 1.16 just came out, and at some point in development they changed something to do with OpenGL.
Well now I can’t run the game and XSplit at the same time. Minecraft just spits out a ton of OpenGL errors if I launch it with XSplit open (and that took a long time to diagnose).

The error Minecraft gives: (no idea if this helps XSplit devs)
OpenGL debug message, id=1282, source=API, type=ERROR, severity=HIGH, message=GL_INVALID_OPERATION error generated. Render buffer not bound.

Not sure if this is a Mojang issue or an Split Labs issue, but I’m guessing the XSplit userbase is a bit smaller so :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wondering, does the same issue happen if you launch the game first and then launch XSplit Broadcaster?

Yes, if I open the game first it runs normally, and then if I open XSplit the error spam in the Output Log starts, but doing it this way means I can actually play, but obviously having to restart XSplit whenever I need to restart the game isn’t ideal.
It’s hard to tell but I think it impacts performance of the game too.

EDIT: I just tried this again and it crashed the game once I opened XSplit

Could you do a test where you disable the In-game HUD of XSplit Broadcaster? To do so go to Tools > Settings > General tab.

As Moriones said, maybe try disabling the in-game HUD from settings. We’ve just checked on our end using XSplit Broadcaster PTR and Minecraft 1.16 and don’t get any issues

I don’t have the HUD enabled, and I’ve tried on both the current version of XSplit and the PTR.
Shame it’s not replicate-able for you, must be something funky on my system then and not as simple as I had hoped.

Sorry to hear that the issue persists on your end, could you do additional test? On Tools > Settings > General tab uncheck Game Source aswell and see if issue persists? Make sure to relaunch XSplit and the game after the changes

Also, do you by any chance have any other applications running that also provide an overlay in game or any software in general (like anti-virus) that could potentially cause any issues?

Disabling Game Source doesn’t seem to effect it, and I shouldn’t have any overlays (not even Steam). I’ve disabled it in Discord and I’m using Windows Defender.
At first I thought it could also be due to Borderless Gaming but having that turned off also doesn’t change the behavior.
Curiously being on a Blank Scene with XSplit Open first and then opening Minecraft produces the OpenGL errors but lets the game run, it just ruins performance (with or without the Output Log open).

(also Minecraft updated to 1.16.1 but it’s only a tiny bug fix and hasn’t changed anything from my perspective)

EDIT: Here is the same thing but with XSplit closed and no other changes

How about your windows version?

A bit overkill with the information but here ya go:

Okay it looks like I can reproduce using the same Windows version. @Joshimuz Could you see if there’s a windows update you can install and if so, see if that fixes it. In the meantime I’m going to work with devs to get them the info they need to investigate this.

Ah awesome, sure I’ll try to update, thanks!
EDIT: Downloaded the only update I had (which was tiny) and didn’t change anything unfortunately, I’m guessing my version is behind then?
EDIT 2: After looking around a bit the only other update is 2004, which is rolled out slowly but there is a manual download option so I’ll try that.
EDIT 3: Hasn’t changed unfortunately, at least you managed to recreate it though

May I ask what java version are you using? Have you also tried checking if you have the latest update or tried reinstalling your java?

I’ve tried both the bundled version that comes with Minecraft (8) with all the default JVM arguments, and also the latest versions of OpenJDK (both 14 and 15, 64 bit ofc) with custom JVM arguments

We’ve identified where the crash is happening but may have to reach out to NVIDIA for a fix

Ah damn, so an OpenGL problem them? Well thanks a lot for investigating it, really weird issue

Hello everyone. My name is Manuel and I work for NVIDIA. Today we released NVIDIA GeForce hotfix display driver 452.22 to address this issue. I am not allowed to post links here ( think because I am a new user) but you can search for it on our support FAQ site.

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NVIDIA Support Link

Thanks for the help, Manuel!

Hey, thanks a lot! I didn’t think it’d go down to driver level when I posted this, yet alone actually cause a driver update.
Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have fixed it for me, getting the same OpenGL errors as before, with both the bundled java version and OpenJDK 15.
Really sorry to be such a pain with this problem