Xsplit "audio" source always give a "source no available" error, not matter which device I select

Title basically. I have voiemeeter potato installed. So when I go to xsplit sources, select media device-> audio, I can select any of the three xsplit outputs. But I can also select stereo mix, line in, and my cam link 4k. But no matter which one of all those options I select, it ALWAYS puts up a big box that says “Device Not Available, are you sure it’s connected, and no other devices are using it?” Or basically that message more or less, with some error code that probably means nothing.

I’m pretty much 100% sure it’s simply broken and non-functional, and that nothing is wrong with my computer. I can select any of those audio sources in the actual xsplit settings for the audio input, and if I do it there, it receives the sound perfectly with no problems. So the sound is working, and xsplit even KNOWS IT IS WORKING. But to I need to add an additional audio source (the settings only lets you select a microphone, and system sounds, but I need a third audio input), so I’m trying to add that third audio input following the steps I described above, and no matter what it says device isn’t available. Again, the audio works and xplit knows it, so why is it giving me an error? Can you guys fix it? You must have broken it in some previous patch because I remember it used to work like 6 months ago but now it’s broken.

I fixed this basically, if you set the audio to “stream only” then it always gives this error. This is true for ANY device. Only solution is to set it to “Audio Output->System Sound”, but then it forces the sound directly into the system audio. I didn’t like that, but I managed to redo my entire audio setup to make it more or less work. But definitely if you set it to “Audio Output->Stream Only” then it gives error. ALWAYS. And doesn’t matter if you’re streaming or not. Can even turn on the stream live, still gives the error.