XSplit Blocked from any access to the GPU

Hi XSplit community,

Since one version update my desktop has been acting oddly. Games no matter what game played from my PC caused the entire system to start a very bad stutter. So much so that it effected the entire system. A restart fixed things as long as no on PC gaming while streaming.

I could play games fine without XSpliy streaming.

Just opening XSplit doesn’t cause any issue. It is the start of a stream to any site that causes the issue.

I figured maybe it is my old set up. After reading a lot of people’s posts here I find I am in the same boat. And, they have newer systems with the same iasues.

This has been about a year now dealing with not being able to play games and stream.

Oddly, it would allow me to pass my XBOX ONE X gameplay through just fine.

Lately as of the last update things have gotten worse.

I started with removing all unused programs.

Next unistalled Windows 10 Pro and reinstalled with a fresh install.

I also check the updates daily for Windows and check most times I launch XSplit.

I try to keep things updated to avoid issues like this.

About 2 months back I started getting BSOD screens. Not daily, but daily I was getting the same stutter I used to get playing games. Again, after I start streaming.

No streaming means my PC ran fine

To insure it wasn’t hardware, I ran every test I could.

Now, do not let this be the spot you stop reading.

The memory test came back with Hardware Issues.

I ran hard drive tests they equal fine.

That leaves RAM.

I did discover and diagnose it was RAM and tested today each of my 4 sticks of RAM.

And 1 is going bad. So I removed it today.

I then reinstalled the 3 good sticks and powered back up.

I ran my DJ software, my security software was fine, and any other startup program was fine.

I fire up XSPLIT all is good.
I start streaming first getting XSplit is attempting to corrupt the system.

Things seem OK after that for about 5 minutes.

Then stutter with system wide latency. Using a latency monitor it shows things fine at first then the latency goes off the the charts.

Suddenly I get a Windows security message: Windows has blocked XSPLIT from all GPU access.

In all the years of using Windows this is the first time a message like this has ever appeared.

Another issue now I get from the Radeon Desktop Software is: driver timeout, and at that time Xsplit becomes 100% accessible through mouse commands.

I have to use either Task Manager or Process Explorer to end the process.

I did a full uninstall of XSplit and left the Tast Manager open, a message that VH Multi EX2 will not close, would you like to see if Windows can close it and continue the uninstall process?

After looking on Google it seems that thai exe is apart of XSPLIT. So I stop it and XSplit continued to uninstall.

We are now on good RAM only and the bad stick out of the PC.

Now I did read to remove or delete or reset the sources you use ad they can sometimes cause an issue.

My issue now is Windows security has locked XSplit totally out from GPU access. And, the driver that is attempting to corrupt the system issue.

When I got a BSOD mini dump XSPLIT was the root of the cause of problem from the best I can tell. And, it was the only thing listed.

From the many people posting about this issue it seems to be widespread and since the from version 3 to 4 and any others after.

System Specs
M5A99FX Pro 2.0 mono.
CPU: FX8370 4 cores 8 core logical.
12 GB RAM - Tested today was 16GB the bad stick removed.
SSD Drive
HHD Drive
Windows 10 Pro up to date checked daily.

Radeon AMD desktop software up to date checked today.

Keyboard and mouse software RAZOR all up to date - checked today.

Security software - checked today up to date.

Virtual DJ 2021 checked today up to date.

VU meter from source forge is open source and updated to the current version.

Not sure what else to include other than as of now XSPLIT BROADCASTER is100% useless to me.

I simple terms that means I start using another streaming software. That means I may find a better solution and XSplit would have lost me as a end user.

Mon Aug 9 2021 UPDATE

I used a few tools to check the underlying system processes and low and behold DIRECT X was at the top

For those that don’t know Direct X any version has a couple of major issues.
It has to do with either AUDIO and or VIDEO High Definition drivers.

The issue is any EXE not just XSplit may call upon these and suddenly your system no matter how new and up to date and powerful is can have the same issue as my machine did.

EXE requests Direct X driver - the response is HDvide and or audio driver not present. Error - then it just keeps repeating this request some 2 plus billion times a second. More for more capable faster machines. You are reading this correctly.

In effect it is much like: Are we there yet? Adult replies No. Or almost.

Then the loop starts and will not stop until the system eventually freezes. Mouse is usually the thing that stutters with the system and and apps running. Then it will freeze if left on long enough. Or, can just crash thr system to DSPD.

While the folks at XSplit know it isn’t a big deal overall if an app gets blocked by Windows for a user since the first edition of windows came out this was the first time for me. So for me as well as others it IS a big deal.

So today I just reinstalled my GPU driver and software.

I ran a few scans and had the system fix any corrupt files and then restarted.

This seems to have stabilized everything.

So to the team at XSplit the main reason I didn’t go through tech support I already know that an issue with DIRECT X exists.

To really confirm this: With one of your lab desktop machines do a complete fresh install of Windows as if you just built the machine.

Then get an app of you don’t already called LATENCYMON use it in home edition to just see what the latency says. Look at the different modes it can scan in as it has several.

Look at the biggest hog of resources under Drivers.

In the KERNAL scan it will show latency going to the max.

This is with no other software except this one exe and Windows out of the box has latency issues.

Mind you these may not yet make the system stutter. In fact to the average user the machine will be working fine.

But, the issue remains why the latency at this stage?

Here is why ai think:
We run our screens at HD resolutions now, and the latency is happening due to something screwy with DIRECT X. Hence why it is at the top as far as resource hogs go.

Now, this latency may not raise flags yet ad it doesn’t seem to affect the machine or apps.

Install XSplit and if it is being used to stream my thinking is it or the drivers it uses should be at the top or near the top while streaming.

Yet, as far as I can best tell and I can be wrong. Xsplit is nowhere to be seen really.

So if XSplit calls on DIRECT X now and if anything on the Direct X side is not working right… Then XSplit appears to be eating system resources and slowing things down.

I have tried letting MS know about this and nothing comes of it .

Today as I streamed XSplit was very stable and was not causing issues.

As I looked at DPC Latency checker and LatencyMon higher than expected latency system wide was going on.

To test things and slightly improve latency I made sure to set all my video settings to the same thing.

This helped a tiny amount.

So, if possible have your team run tests calling every aspect of DIREXT X up and notice if any errors or time outs are happening.

If this is the case it won’t really matter what my gear is or much else. As it is a Direct X breakdown that masks itself as other issues mainly seeming to stem from the app that is triggering it.

My 2cents say it is the HD AUDIO and HD VIDEO drivers in Direct X.

But, since we can’t change Direct X to OPEN GL or anything else it is very difficult to test my theory it is Direct X.

Unless you make a Linux version of XSplit then it can be run minus the Direct X nonsense to better determine things.

So, in the end I think XSplit used to run smoothly until your first update to version 4. And, sadly it has not improved much sense.

Please, check into the Direct X theory I present if I am wrong, it won’t be my first time.

But, something is causing the latency to go above expected with a fresh OS install onto a freshly reformatted disk. That part is not the fault of XSplit as it isn’t even installed let alone running.

Come up with a means to work around the Dorect ’ issue and things I hope will improve.

Hope this might help.