XSplit Broadcaster 4.0 eats up a lot of system resources

XSplit Broadcaster 4.0 eats up a lot of system resources. Unlike with 3.0++ , from just 20 to 30% now the CPU never goes down from 60% at rest with no other open apps.

Clicking a scene takes about 5 to 8 seconds to load at 100% CPU (i5-7500)

720p 30fps

Anyone with any tips? on how to configure

Hi! Try this first: Save then reload your presentation. If the CPU usage is still unusually high, create a new presentation then re-add the sources. We’re trying to rule out of it’s just something with the presentation itself, or any particular source that’s been added.

Also, if you don’t mind, could you send your presentation across so we can just see if we can repeat on our end?

You can use the presentation packager extension to do this. Using it will make sure all assets you use are included.

I would agree with this, since the update of the software. Once the broadcasting starts, it starts to stutter as well as make it unable to select other options like if I want to click on Tools to share the stream on a tweet.

Not only that, it takes awhile to switch to different scenes.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x
RAM: G.Skillz Trident Z Neo DD4-3600 (2x 16GB)
GPU: SapphireTech Radeon RX 580X 8GB

Also noting, my CPU handles the encoding, not the GPU, because my GPU already doing enough for handling VR.

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Piling on, I am also experiencing high CPU usage and freeze ups when switching scenes. I tried uploading my presentation but the forum won’t let me upload zips. My presentation is mostly PPT and webpage sources with a video source

Updating: Old pres just wouldn’t work. Couldn’t do anything without freezups. Recreating from scratch and can at least navigate in Xsplit and change scenes. With my pre-upgrade pres couldn’t do anything with out freeze.

@EvilConsultant For now, if you could upload your presentation to something like Google Drive and then drop your link here, that could help.

yeah i just updated to 4.0 and also getting super sluggish and high CPU on a Ryzen 3600 32gb ram dedicated PC with a 1660 super, 30-40% CPU and 15% GPU even when idling on a basic scene with a webcam; If the solution has many scenes that is. Is there a download link for the last 3.x version? I’m happy to persist with 4.0 but I’d like ot know I have a 3.x fallback

Yes, you can visit the broadcaster page and click the Looking for older versions link

Although @steven could you try something for me? Start a brand new presentation and start building it up adding the sources you need. Let me know if that helps any. Also would be good to know if you have any WebM video sources, either added as a media file or embedded in a web page you’ve added.

Thanks, how did I miss that this morning. I’m glad i found this thread as I rebuilt my office at the weekend and so things like my GoXLR all installed as different devices due to different USB ports. I wasn’t sure if it was that as XSplit 4.0 installed when I turned it back on too, so that saved me some crazy diagnostics.

When you get time, it would be great to try and work out why your CPU usage is so high. You can install the Public Test Release (PTR) which can be installed side by side the main release so you can still continue to use 3.9. From there we can try various stuff to see if we can work out what’s causing the high CPU usage.