Xsplit Broadcaster 4.1 incompatiblity with capture card?

Hi there, I recently installed the latest version of Broadcaster 4.1. I used to use version 4.0.
I’ve attached some screenshots of the issue and a comparis on to the version 4.0 of the same capture feed. and absolutely nothing has changed with my Windows 10 setting/updates, the only thing I did was update Xsplit to 4.1 so FYI to your engineers, you need to fix version 4.1 to be compatible with Magewell’s USB Capture AIO capture card.

I noticed that there was a message to update the ‘capture component’ when 4.1 was booting up for the first time after the Update from 4.0. I’ve never seen this capture component update message before in 4.0 updates. Maybe there’s something wrong with your “capture component”, whatever that is.

Could you see if the same thing happens if you change the video processing mode? You can check this by going to Settings -> Advanced -> Video Processing Mode. Try out the other options and see if the same issue still happens. In the meantime I’ll see if we have the capture card internally to reproduce. Also in these kind of cases, it’s nearly always best to reach out to our support team via chat - https://help.xsplit.com - Small chat icon in the bottom right of the page.

Edit: To confirm, this is the device yes? USB Capture AIO - Magewell

Yes, that’s the capture card. I’ll try out those video settings in a few hours.
I’ll update this and let you know, thanks.

Hi there, again.
So I changed the video processing to “Prefer CPU…” and it does fix the issue.
But what’s the point of having “prefer GPU…” if I can’t use my GPU…
Also, I have an Nvidia Geforce GTX 980M and updating the drivers doesn’t fix it.
and again, this video card works with Xsplit version 4.0 just fine, even with Prefer GPU processing.
as of now, 4.1 is unusable for me.
Please fix this for future updates to 4.1, thanks

Many bugs in version 4.1 are also unavailable to me. If it is forced to update to version 4.1, we will replace the live broadcast software

Have you reported the bugs to our support team so we can get them filed internally and fixed?

yes I found the problem. Thank you